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Things to Consider When Planning for a Baby Shower

Many expectant mothers share the joy of having a baby on the way with their loved ones by hosting baby showers. For most expectant mothers hosting a good baby shower is a great experience. However, a lot of work needs to be done for a baby shower to be perfect. There are many things you need to do for a baby shower party to be perfect. Therefore, when organizing a baby shower, an expectant can find herself overwhelmed and stressed. However, all these problems can be avoided when planning a baby shower if the expectant mother knows what to do. Here are tips to use if you are planning to hold a perfect baby shower so that you can make the day enjoyable for everyone.

An expectant mother planning to hold a baby shower should first avoid scheduling the shower too close to the due date. It is highly discouraged to hold a baby shower in a couple of weeks before the due date because it is the time when most expectant mothers feel uncomfortable when moving around. The duty of planning a baby shower is delegated to the guest of honor most of the time. You should prepare the guest list in advance when preparing for a baby shower. You should include both the expectant mother’s relatives and the father’s side of the family when preparing the guests list for the baby shower.

You should send the invitations in advance if you want most invitees to attend the baby shower. The best time to send invitations to people from outside the state is four weeks before the baby shower date. You can send out baby shower invitations either by postal mail or email. A lot of complexities and unnecessary things should be avoided when decorating your baby shower reception area. However, incorporating some creativity when decorating for the baby shower party would be great. Most baby shower guests do not stick around to eat to fullness; hence it would be best to serve lighter food such as snacks, sandwiches, chicken drumsticks, cheese crackers, spring rolls, and sausage rolls.

You can set up a buffet if you do not want to serve your baby shower guests with snacks and finger food. A buffet is a better food arrangement than serving finger foods because most people do not prefer picking finger foods multiple times. After the baby shower party, you will send out thank you notes to the guests, thus it is important to find someone to be a gifted secretary. To ensure the gift opening session is organized, set aside a pair of scissors for cutting bows and a recycle bin for the torn wrapping papers. Low-pressure games will ensure the guests remain entertained throughout.

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